Life is Right Here and Now

Life is Right Here and NowLife is right here and now. It isn’t in the past, it isn’t in high school or college. Life is not in the future. It isn’t in your future plans; it isn’t in your future job, not in your future apartment or your future vacation. Life is NOW. Life is TODAY, life is this very second you are sitting in front of your computer, reading this. Take a minute from that fast lane you call “Life”, make a stop, come to a complete halt, and listen. Do you hear that? That “nothing” that’s life, and it’s G-d’s voice.  Experience your life at this very minute. Don’t let your thoughts wander to what awaits you later, tomorrow, next month. Focus on now. Leave behind what happened in the past, you know the reasons to do that, but most of all, leave it behind because this is not where your life is, where YOU are.  Breath deep, inhale, exhale, and feel your own life flowing through your body. Hear it zooming past your ears. When you listen to the quiet you will meet your greatest fear. That fear that makes you dodge your life and look for distractions. Then you discover something, you discover that your life is actually very very small. All of a sudden you freak out “this is not the life I asked for, I wanted to be BIG, I wanted to make a DIFFERENCE, I want more CONTROL, I need more GLAMOUR. Life is not about…”. Changing diapers? Cleaning your home? Going to the post office? Getting stuck in a traffic jam?

What is life? Where is it? Life is all these things and more. Your life is your MOVIE and YOU are the STAR. Cameras follow you where ever you go, you can decide if the hero will be happy or sad, a good doer or bad. A big person or small. Your life is your movie. What kind of movie will it be? Will it be a bitter English drama, or a big Hollywood production full of stars and beautiful people? You be the BEAUTIFUL STAR. Dress up, get a good haircut, smile at people when you walk down the street. Clean up your apartment; make it the amazing set to your amazing movie. Treat your babies like princess and princesses, don’t have any babies? Make babies! Don’t have a spouse? Find someone you like, and GET them to marry you, with a smile, with kind words, and with a LOT of SELF RESPECT. LIVE your years don’t leave them, make yourself a life, and make it beautiful.